In collaboration with College of Arts, Shenzhen University, China, the program promotes and stimulates interest in reading and strengthens reading habits.

Each unit consists of five lessons, and its content includes interesting and practical short articles of both modern and classical languages. This approach allows students to read whenever they wish.

Corresponding with Textbook
The reading series is based on the teaching material of Liberate the Joy of Learning Chinese series and is its corresponding reading material. Passages in the reading series expand upon the contents in the textbook and incorporate new vocabulary. By reading mass passages, which reinforces the lessons of literacy learnt in classroom, students develop the ability to read, expand their vocabulary, train in retrieving and using information, and more importantly, acquire the habit of independent reading and learning.

Considering that students start from zero and their knowledge in Chinese is very limited , instead of requiring them to write long and complex stories, the reading series adopts different styles of writing including postcard, letters, notice, in other words, one style for one passage. Students acquire not only knowledge about Chinese but also writing skills.

Making Learning Chinese Interesting
We use lots of informational pictures in the reading material. The visual aids are not just for stimulating students’ interest, but also reinforcing messages, clarifying points, and creating excitement, so that students have a better understanding of the passages and are encouraged to read more. We also use pictures to replace vocabularies for beginners.