about usLLCE believes that Mandarin Chinese is an essential language of the world and that every child should have the opportunity to learn it regardless of linguistic and cultural background.


LLCE is committed to enhancing awareness, understanding and appreciation of the Chinese language.

LLCE is committed to being the partner of choice for the world’s leading education institutions by helping them foster and advance professional excellence in the teaching of the Chinese language and culture to meet the growing needs of their students and teachers through technology, information and experience.

Values and Beliefs

LLCE values the importance of the Chinese language and culture which will be integral to the future of the next generation.

LLCE values the provision of educational opportunities for non-Chinese speaking learners and the capability of individuals to learn in accordance with their needs and interests.

LLCE values building strong partnerships to better achieve its mission by co-operating with strategic partners to provide an effective and efficient solution to the problems which arise in teaching and learning the Chinese language and culture.