about usLLCE strives to be a quality provider of cultural and educational content and services which are multi-lingual (mainly Chinese and English) and multi-functional on multi-media platforms. To meet the needs of people learning Chinese as an additional language, LLCE has introduced quality teaching material and comprehensive teaching aids to support schools and teachers in building Chinese curriculums and improving teaching quality on the one hand, and to kindle learning interest and enhance learning results for students of different age levels and backgrounds on the other.

We are committed to facilitating the learning of the Chinese language by providing students and educators with not just the traditional book format, but also interactive online platforms from which they could enjoy an independent learning experience. LLCE has partnered with schools to run a variety of courses fostering students’ Chinese knowledge outside of the classroom.

The lack of qualified Chinese teachers is a common bottleneck to building Chinese curriculums in schools. Hence LLCE offers workshops and on-site training for teachers to learn innovative teaching strategies.

We work closely with a wealth of expertise, including Yew Chung International Schools, which have more than 20 years of experience in teaching Chinese as an additional language. These schools are located in major cities in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Silicon Valley in the USA.  Yew Chung students have excelled under this learning program, achieving exceptionally high scores in many public examinations.

LLCE and its affiliate Yew Chung Publishing House also publish separately different series of books about the Chinese culture, national affairs and liberal studies.