The Hong Kong Story: It Takes Two to Tango

Paperback, 232 pages
© 2013, Living Learning Culture and Education Company Limited
ISBN: 978-988-15887-1-1
Language: Traditional Chinese
Publishing Date: July, 2013
Price: HK$98




Now that 16 years have passed since Hong Kong’s return to China and despite previous optimistic forecasts, Hong Kong has failed to maintain its effective governance by civil servants, and strengthen gradually local people’s identification with the nation. For the past few years, the Special Administrative Region Government has met increasing difficulties in implementing its policies, and the Chief Executive has been subject to pressure not only from Pan-democracy Camp but also his allies in Pro-establishment Camp.

On the other hand, the appearance of the British colonial flags in local demonstrations recently has left people bewildered: why are members of  the young generation with limited life experience of the colonial time nostalgic for the colonial old days?

Mr Yip Kwok-wah, once the Special Advisor to the Chief Executive of the first SAR Government, discusses and analyses the above phenomena in his new book, The Hong Kong Story: It Takes Two to Tango. Beginning with the Opium War, the book examines the more than a century British colonial rule and transition of its policies, and the lessons for the SAR.

In this book, taking note of the paradigm shift in the history of Hong Kong, Mr Yip, with a vast knowledge of history and concern for Hong Kong and the nation, attempts to construct a narrative about the local history. He does so in order to allow each party to discuss and deal with rationally the problems Hong Kong faces and its interactions with mainland China.