The China Model - An Alternative Path to Success

Paperback, 324 pages
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ISBN: 978-988-78351-6-5
Language: English
Publishing Date: January, 2018
Price: HK$150




The China Model An Alternative Path to Success is the English edition of “中國之路 我們做對了甚麼?”. China is returning to its historical position as the world’s leading economic power. In this book, author Prof. Yip Kwok-wah suggests that China’s remarkable economic achievement has not followed the West’s preferred development model of freedom, democracy and a market-driven economy, but has instead used its own unique model of one-party authoritarian rule with a mixed economy. China has based its alternative path to success on the country’s 3,000-year traditional civilization and that of the West since the Age of Enlightenment. The book sets out to help readers understand the significance of China’s revival to the rest of the world.