chinese program


It is specifically created for Chinese as an additional language students in primary and secondary and consists of “for Children” and “for Teenagers” series.

It includes textbooks with exercise books, interactive DVD, supplementary reading and listening materials.

The teaching material serves the needs of students of all ages and intellect, interest and habits. It focuses on the learning of Chinese characters as well as listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. With a variety of classroom activities, it fosters students’ ability to communicate in Chinese.

Recognizing the differences in students’ learning abilities, the program differentiates between characters that need to be memorized and those that should simply be recognized, and provides extension study. Teachers can adjust the level and scope of the teaching program according to the language standard and individuality of each student.

Textbooks are supported by a curriculum guide. The guide tells teachers what to teach by listing the number of characters to be memorized and recognized; the number of words students are able to master in their daily lives; and the teaching objectives of listening, speaking, reading and writing in each level of textbook.