The Chinese Dream and the American Dream

Paperback, 236 pages
© 2016, Living Learning Culture and Education Company Limited
ISBN: 978-988-15998-7-2
Language: Traditional Chinese
Publishing Date: September, 2016
Price: HK$108




This book is Mr Yip Kwok-wah’s third monograph after The Uniqueness of the China’s Development Model: 1842 – 2049 and The Hong Kong Story: It Takes Two to Tango. It may be considered as the extension of and elaboration on the two previously-published books’ themes and lines of argument. However, given the current policy of China and the new global order, Mr Yip offers a more extensive and in-depth discourse on the pertinent issues.

This book commences with a delineation of the role that China plays in Asia and the world in which the relationships of China with other countries, notably with America are examined; then continues with an investigation into the ideas of the Chinese Dream and how it should be realized against the recent historical background; and finally ends with an exploration of the predicament of and the way out for Hong Kong. Under the circumstances that globalization has been accelerating while anti-globalization is spreading, as well as China’s role in the international arena has been becoming more and more prominent, studying the national and regional issues from a global perspective will indisputably be an effective approach.